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Dated: 7:54am on Monday 10th June 2019

The Tribez, Strategy Guide About Quests, Get More Money Faster, Increase population Faster, Avoid Buying, Earn More Crystals.

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1. Complete As Many Quests As Possible to Increase Your Experience Level Faster

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Quests will always be present as a separate group of icons that are visible on the left side of your screen. Completing quests leads to you gaining more loot and much needed experience. One of your important and initial tasks will always involve completing a quest, so always set out to pick up some new quests once you complete previous ones. It’s easy to find the main location of any current quest by clicking on the quest icon and hitting the “Find” tab.

2. How to Get More Money with Fastest Approach?

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Build Trading Posts, Shaman Shops and Theaters and keep then running. Also, make sure that you always collect your coins on time. And if you spend a lot of time playing the game, keep close watch on your workers’ wishes, they might want to drink something or eat something. Drag them to the respective buildings and you will keep them happy and gain a few coins in the process.

3. Know How to Increase Population Much Faster?

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Its simple. Just build up as many huts as you can. These huts directly result in more villagers coming from far and wide to become a part of your evolving neighborhood. Putting up a bunch of huts also leads to an increase in your happiness level. Makes sense. Have a place and some huts for your people to chill in and everyone’s in a good mood.

4. Avoid Buying Any Crystals During the Tutorial Stage

It is advised not to spend any crystals during the initial tutorial. The game implies that using them is necessary, but it is not. Wait for each task to end in its own time, and the demand to use a crystal will disappear and the game will move on. If you intend  to play for free, you should also decline all offers to upgrade the warehouse or to purchase crystals or coins. You can easily level up without spending any real money if you save your crystals for certain key tasks.


5. Know How to Get Even More Crystals

For acquiring more free crystals you can allow the game to post for you on either Facebook or Twitter or both. I allowed the Twitter access in order to get 20 crystals and my account was instantly bombarded with tweets from The Tribez. Sign into Twitter online immediately, use the gear at the top right to access settings, and select apps to revoke the game’s access to your Twitter account. You will keep the crystals. If you do not intend to give the game access to either a Twitter or a Facebook account, just let the quest timers run out and they will disappear.

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