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Dated: 4:37am on Tuesday 4th July 2017

Top Eleven can build own club strategies game in attacking or defensive mode penalty for faul winning depend upon team performance winning lead to increase finance

Top Eleven 2017 is famous around the world..which requires lots of skill and tactics in order to win, also it's not an easy task to build a perfect team...so you need to select the best possible formation and ways to organise an ideal training group handle the finance and more in Top Eleven 2017.

1. In the beginning, you will be getting a default club to take care of ...you then will get a chance to pick your club name, country and city. So be good while choosing the names. you can also give a new name by heading to the Ground section of Top Eleven 2017.

2. Each player is different so if you play with someone who is out of position then their performance will not be strong..for this 'Roles' column shows you the different positions of every player...there could some players who would have more than one position, which adds to your squad..in case if you try to change the position of a player a yellow mark sign will come up next to their icon..it means they are playing out of position and will affect your performance...if you want to change someone sat on your bench??  Simply bring and put one player on the other and they will be changed..if your want players to go forward or backward in a match...for more attacking or protecting..then tap their icons on the pitch view..you will get an arrow will come after them..so tap one for attacking..tap two for defensive and three to clear it and to go back to normal..

3. To go head to the squad section of its menu and then click the green arrow at the bottom right corner of the window..this option will allow you to select your penalty and set piece takers, as well as backups in case your first choice are hampered...select the best player for each role to maximise the opportunity of getting more. Choose player for the left as well as for the right. You can also select the captain on the basis of his overall eating since they have more experience and greater effect on your team's performance...

4. Preparing for a match is again a big challenge..one should see the preparation level for the team upcoming match. In case if you are not present there, tap the "i" icon to see what could be done to increase the level. Your team may not be rested enough in case if you can refresh them quickly that fine else change some players...motivate your players to score high..that's the only thing required for winning...train the team in advance of a match too..it will enhance their skills n prepare them for the match...make sure your team will run through three full training sessions before each match for greatest payback...see the tips for training if required...

5. Top of the squad menu option and search for the team's current tactics. Keep changing from attack and defense options or pass special instructions for each match and concentrate on the attacks more. Also, make the estimate of the opponents weaknesses and strength..if you see that the left side of an opponent is weak then see on to the right side or vice a versa...if you are aggressive then try to play defensive and just catch them on counter-attack instead. Be flexible and keep changing your game...to win...if you are playing against weak then go for offensive tactics..from the beginning and score more...if the match is big then go for HIGH PRESSING STYLE and MAN TO MAN MARKING. Which will benefit you more...

6. Just keep the eye on the team throughout the match in case if your players begin the game at 90 percent or lower, they will surely be tired before the end..so if you realise a player's condition bar change into Orange it's wise to sub them before any injury happen..in case if you realise that a player is not performing well simply replace it with the new one...don't cheat straight away..but if still facing issues then swipe left twice and try something new..in case if you think you are losing then go for offensive formation...in case if you want extra advice to tap the button with the rotating icons.

7. Make sure your team will go through the three training sessions which have three different kinds of activity which can be selected as per choice. Take a good combination of activities and placing them in a smart order helps you to maximise the training benefits..it includes trial and error.. at the end it will give you the verdict of combinations you made..so you can try and adjust different combos..for strong praise you got to do warm up with a fast counter attacks and passing activity..certain activities are only for some players. Do keep this in mind. focus on the specific zones is necessary..don't for that the better the training the better the player and superior the performance will be...talk to players about rectifying their weaknesses.

8. You can build new facilities and improve your stadium..only one chance will be given so make training facility..plus medical to help out with injuries..also make parking for your fans..add some more seats in the ground. Do pitch upgrade..invest in youth academy to get some worthy players.

9. Try to manage your finance to the maximum.

10. Concentrate on ruling the transfer market. rather than waiting for someone to take steps..grab players in a few tokens..invest in the right player which may give less amount but that would instant...

So go through these tricks..n have FUN. ;)

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