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Dated: 4:44am on Sunday 11th June 2017

A township is a game which is completely based on your imagination and development it is necessary to grow crops, or construction from one level to other or get valuable bonuses.

Township is a game which is completely based on your imagination of creating your own town by providing all the basic and necessary amenities to its inhabitants. It's a game of enhancing the skills of art..and imagination. Though it does not seem to be difficult it comes complex when you cover up the levels one after the another. So just to make your journey but comfortable here are some tips presented for you.

  • Cash and Coins: Cash and coins are most important game currency so use them wisely try not to waste them.
  • Finish more orders to earn more coins-  Completing orders and quests is the best way to earn coins in a township.
  • Focus more on farming- It is necessary because city grows and thrive on crops. So to make city actions and bustling, plant a lot of organic crops. The game allows us to unlock the crop and plant only beneficial ones as per you. Wheat is a suggestive one as it is high demand and can bring more profits. So select a plot and better inputs for it and ensure the supply of it.
  • Choose the right construction materials- Material come with a train at random so keep sending back the trains till the time you will get the correct material for the construction of your city. Please, there is no need for compromise.
  • Do the expansion of the city in the very beginning-  Focus on the expansion of the city in the very beginning of the game inspire of in the middle or later as it is more difficult. You will get better spaces, a good supply of components and articles and other items.
  • Just achieve and win valuables- After constructing a good portion of a game and move from one level to another, you will get great valuables and bonuses like primary currency, T-cash, coins and experience points (xps) and unlock the items. Here coins can get you factories, decorations and community buildings xp will get you- more factories, crops, decorations and community buildings. Getting T cash is not an easy task. Factories will give processing crops. Homes and community building increased population, will give more customers and work force.
  • Game Friends- It allows you to get help from other game players which will help you to develop your city faster also keep sending free items to your friends and ask them to do the same.

Just follow these tricks and win level on levels.

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