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Dated: 7:52am on Monday 10th June 2019

Tips, Tricks To Obtain Construction Materials.


Township game relates to getting material material.  To get construction materials is an important point which really slows down the progress in the game. It is also how Playrix hope to profit from the game, as they give you the option of accessing more materials by buying the in-game currency. We bring you different options and you can go through the same so that you may get materials for construction.

Currency Buying

The quickest way to get construction materials is to buy them with in-game "cash" but you need to buy it with real money if you want any more than the occasional purchase. It is assumed that you do not want to do this.


Such types of games are also there on facebook and like these games, Township is a whole lot easier if you have some friends playing too. If you are willing to add strangers to your Facebook friends list then you can go to the Township app page and under "Reviews" you'll find lots of people asking to be added as neighbors. Bear in mind that if you are adding strangers to your friends list then give serious thought to what personal information will be available to them; make use of Facebook's privacy settings and be safe!

Once you have neighbors you have several ways to obtain construction materials from them:

  • visiting them once a day and collecting from their plant,
  • receiving gifts from them,
  • clicking on wall posts for "extra" materials,
  • requesting materials on your own wall.


At the time of writing, Township does not tell you who gifts are from. If you send a friend construction materials by clicking on a request they've posted, consider "liking" the post. This way they know who's helped them, and might be more inclined to send you materials in the future.

Construction Materials from Quests

Almost all quests give at least one construction material as a reward, but many of the quests require many more to complete (for example, quests to building factories or community buildings). However, the repeatable Order From Your Friend quest always gives at least one material, and is usually very straightforward to complete. It's a bit more work than getting materials from your friends, but it is a method that is totally in your control. Plus, you get to keep whatever you produce for the order and get a nice coin and xp reward from the quest. What's not to like?!

And one way you cannot get them...

In a lot of Facebook games (FrontierVille comes to mind, but it is not the only one), people will copy links of their help requests and paste then in the "Review" section of the application page. Unfortunately this does not help in Township, as if you try to click on such a link it will only work if you are actually friends with the person who created it.


Quest: Craftsman House


Level 20 unlocks two new house types; you can build either to complete this quests.

Rewards with 330 coins, 40xp, 1 timber and 1 brick.


Quest: Degree of Perfection


The university gives a population increase of 200.

Rewards are 460 coins, 40xp and 1 brick.


Quest: Gablefront Cottage


At level 17 you unlock another type of house. Yes, it looks a lot like the other types but this can house 35 people with the same footprint as the lower level houses.

Annoyingly, again, this quest asks you to build some low level houses as well as these new ones.

Rewards are 300 coins, 25xp, 1 brick and 1 beam.


Quest: Dream Cafe


This quest becomes available at level 15. The café is more expensive than the other community buildings you have had quests for so far, both in terms of coins and construction materials, but it increases your happy population limit by a whopping 250. If the construction materials seem a bit too much just now, consider completing Indispensable Knowledge first, for a smaller but cheaper population increase.

Rewards are 460 coins, 35xp, 1 glass and 1 brick.


Quest: Indispensable Knowledge


Another quest for a community building, a library this time.

Rewards are 430 coins, 35xp, 1 timber and 1 brick.


Quest: Farmhouse


More straightforward expansion; build four of the latest house type, the farmhouse in exchange for 380 coins, 35xp and 1 timber.

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