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Dated: 9:52am on Friday 14th July 2017

train station strategies collection of steam, diesel, electric and maglev trains, and can achieve various rewards.

Train Station is a game based on the train and it's components and it's environment. It's a new era game..and is loved by all. But to get the high rank you should be aware of the following tricks...     

  • Reduce buying cost as soon as possible by purchasing the stock exchange before any slots or upgrades for your station.
  • Do dissemination of cargo cars for 40% more cargo.
  • Use electrification to send mail, passenger and Co cons with an electric locomotive for 100% higher income. 
  • Keep an eye on the shop for cargo wagon offers in special and vintage offer- limited ones have a high bonus.
  • Get yourself a money train- save your diamond for an electric loco with a capacity in 30's offered in a special offer and vintage offer associated the sheep. Look for gold coins in special offers.
  • Build building with the highest passengers ( size ratio).
  • Try to plan ahead when doing contracts.
  • Try to send ahead to multiple contacts.
  • When completed all contracts start filling that station with the highest ratio building available.
  • Keep track of your resources and contracts.
  • More card on each train equals more resources and income.
  • Try to always keep a depot slot open so that way you can swap without having to desirable one.

Enjoy and have FUN.

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