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Trial Madness 2: Unofficial Portal To Collect, Share and Exchange Non-Friends Bonus


Note: Item Name are a bit mess, sorry we are unable to improve it.

1 Click Bonuses : Select Time Gap Between Each Selected Item Bonuses

I have done a great road bonus track!, , , I jumped over the cars with my trial bike!
I have done a great road bonus track!
3 years 9 months ago
I completed track 6!, , , I got a ribbon on this track and I have unlocked the next track!
I completed track 6!
3 years 9 months ago
Trial Madness 2, , I have been playing Trial Madness 2!, I have beaten your score in Trial Madness 2!
Trial Madness 2
6 years 1 month ago

    Important Notes

  • Use our browser addon to auto submit or manual submit your Item. Visit HERE to Submit your items or to collect friends items bonuses.
  • "M" means manual submitted items (items submitted without browser addon manually.)
  • You can claim Trial Madness 2 item links by just clicking on it or by using checkbox and collect button.
  • All items shows the actual time when they actually generated, latest items has more chances to claim bonus.
  • You can not claim bonus from same link more than once. You may find some links not working. This doesnt mean that all links are not working.
  • To filter all Trial Madness 2 items by clicks and names visit Filter page.
  • To get more items visit our Neighbors page to add some more people who play Trial Madness 2
  • All above rewards are shared by other users probably not your friends. Each item can be claimed for once. In some games you can claim limited number of items in a day.
  • Each material shared by you will be claimed by everyone and in return it gives you the same number of that item by each user. For example: (your 1 submitted item) + (has got 5 clicks by others) = (You will get 5 same material into your Trial Madness 2 game) Remember your sharing will increase your chances to get more of same Trial Madness 2 item.
  • Note: Above theory works for limited games.
  • Important Note: There are chances that you will see your posts on this website without your permission. It is only possible if your friends use our addons to collect friends bonuses. To solve this issue add youself to our block list HERE and remove the browser addon that will do the job. Let us know if you face any issue on email ADMIN@GAMESKIP.COM

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