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Dated: 11:25am on Sunday 11th June 2017

Trivia crack is an amazing game which is quite difficult but achievable,to complete your challenges with unlimited live and steal crown from your opponents and get ranking faster.

Trivia Crack is an amazing game with lots of challenges which are quite difficult but achievable. In this game, you have to answer all six different subjects in order to be the first to collect all six crowns. You can use challenge mode to steal crown away from your opponent.The victorious winner will then receive coins and other prizes...if really want to achieve the levels quickly then follow the following strategies.

  • HANDLE YOUR WEAKEST SUBJECTS FIRST- Selecting a crown, it's a nice idea to tackle your weakest crowns in the very start. An increase of your opponent will give a correct answer, you have a chance since the beginning to try and steal that crown. Going for the challenge, in the beginning, will smother the rest of the game.
  • LOOK OUT TO BUY UNLIMITED LIVES- If you want to buy something so you will get endless lives. Here is the cost for various things..endless lives- $ 4.99, 5 life limit- $ 4.99 and so on.
  • HELP RATE QUESTIONS TO GAIN A SLIGHT ADVANTAGE- So next time you are out of lives to skill paying $ 0.99 to refill then and rate some questions instead. It's a good practice.
  • IN CASE IF YOU ARE MASTER IN SOME AREAS THEN YOU CAN CHALLENGE YOUR FRIENDS- You can check your friends ranking and challenges them to win more games and boost your ranking faster.
  • CHALLENGE IS A WAY TO COMPLETE WEAK AREA- If your opponent has a crown that you need and it's a sore subject for you. Take every chance to steal it else you are just depending on odds of landing on that trophy and getting it right. It's the best route.
  • AIRPLANE CHEAT- It does not negatively affect you. It may or may not work but if incorrectly answer it will not be counted and keep repeating the questions till you will get your answer. It could waste your time.
  • SCREENSHOT OF DIFFERENT QUESTION FOR REVIEW IS MUST- If you think you will forget questions. Then take a screenshot and collect them.Whenever you will be free you can easily recall them.
  • TURN LOCK SCREEN NOTIFICATION  OFF- Notification prompts will take away huge battery which you can swipe down from the Notification center.

 If you will have any doubt then go for your gut- you will be surprised to see your gut feeling, it's not always correct. But it will get you 25 percent shot of the previous question.

PRACTICE- If you want to defeat your opponents then hand over to Trivia crack answers...so go ahead adopt these tricks and achieve all the levels.

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