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Dated: 7:47am on Monday 10th June 2019

Strategy Guide Containing Tips And Tricks.

Know About Trivia Crack

Trivia Crack Game can be played on android and all iOS devices including iPhones, iPads, and iPod touches. Trivia Crack is a competitive trivia game where players are matched up online in a head to head brain battle to the death. In this game, each player takes turns spinning the trivia wheel, which is divided into several different categories. Take note that players must correctly answer 3 questions in each category to earn a character based on the topic, and earn every character to win the game. The categories are history, art, sports, science, geography, entertainment and crown.

Every wants to know about strategies, tips and hints for the game and you are also looking for the same. The most intense trivia app game today can be an elusive nut to crack with its seemingly endless supply of diverse questions and riddles, but do not worry cause your ol’ uncle Cool Apps Man’s got the potion for that. You should keep reading for all the Trivia Crack answers you will need to prove your mom wrong about how dumb you are!

Answers can be difficult to predict due to the player’s inability to manually pick a topic, but they can counteract this disadvantage by choosing their categories or using bonuses. Bonuses cost coins which can be paid for in the app store, but are invaluable for finding Trivia Crack Answers for difficult questions. If a player lands on the crown area, they can decide whether they want to pick their own category or challenge an opponent to steal one of their characters.


Selection of Categories

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Whenever you have the opportunity, you should try to pick categories you are well versed in. In case you are a sports buff, for instance, do not pick geography unless you have coins to spend. You might be able to steal a character from a category you’re weak in later.

Try to Cover All your Bases

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You should have to do some research on the topics you are not familiar with. This will be difficult unless you are fine with cheating. Take note that you are playing this on a smart phone. Feel free to cheat all you want to score all those sweet, sweet Trivia Crack answers.

Revoke your God

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In case you want to be good at this game, then you should just cheat. Who knows if there is an afterlife?  It may be clarified that it feels good racking up Trivia Crack answers and being a trivia crack king. A king with all of the riches in the trivia world including high fives.

Cheat with a Friend

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In case you have decided morality is a construction, but still do not intend to ruin the fun of the game by using google, just ask a friend some of the tough questions. For this strategy it is significant you have smart friends. Tell your dumb friends to jump in front of an REO Speedwagon. Then explain that you were joking, because they won’t have gotten the joke.

Play the Best as far as possible

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Trivia Crack gives players two days to wait out their turns. In case  you are feeling hung over or otherwise indisposed, you have to wait until your state improves to play the game. You want to be a trivia king don’t you?

When to Challenge

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When playing with a friend, it would be good to exploit his weaknesses. This should not be an issue ethically, because by this point in the game you have renounced any and all Gods in pursuit of your own selfish, yet succulent, desires. Wait until they achieve a character icon in a subject they are weak in and steal it for your own pleasures.

Keep Cycling Through Games

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Take note that you cannot win all the time unless and until you embrace the unholy church of cheating. After you mess up a question, it is time for your so called “friend” to take a turn. Pass the time by starting another game of Trivia Crack! You literally have nothing else.

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