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Dated: 3:05am on Thursday 9th July 2015

Strategy Guide About Attacking, Defending, Clans, Warfare And More.

Basics about attacking in War

What is the motive of War in War of Mercenaries?  War is actually the best way to grow your empire, since you can loot resources from other clans and players. Of course, you can also show off how many you have defeated in the rankings table.

war of mercenaries

  • War Requirements :  You cannot go to war from scractch as you require to have the buildings such as Mercenary Barracks, Recruitment Chamber and Assembly Area,  installed and working in your city. Of course, you need to have a few mercenaries in your barracks ready to go into the battlefield.
  • Heading towards War :  When you have the buildings and mercenaries mentioned above, just click on the “War” button which is at the bottom bar. You will enter the War Map, where both Bandit Clans and Enemy Players appear. Click on any of these enemy flags and then click on attack. Once you land in enemy territory, you need to “load” mercenaries by clicking on the + button. Once you have the catapult available, you will see a second tab, that is where you can launch salvos of 3 types.

war of mercenaries

Only offline players can be attacked.  Once you lose protection, everyone can attack you back. Instead of attacking you also have the option to “Scout” an enemy city, it does not involve the deployment of mercenaries.

  • Option of Spy :  Either when attacking or scouting, you have the option to “Spy” the enemy. Spying costs coins, but reveals some traps. Mind you, you cannot spy all players, just those that are at your same level, or just a couple levels above.
  • Unit Target Preferences :  Each mercenary unit has a specific default enemy target they will attack once you deploy them in the battlefield. Read our units guide to see which type of buildings they will attack first. You can see the actual target preference of your current units during battle if you hover your mouse over the mercenary icon at the bottom bar.
  • Option of Truce :  All human player icons in the map have the truce option in the menu. If the user accepts your truce offering, both will not be able to attack each other for 14 days. All truce messages go the inbox.
  • Advantages of Catapults :   Catapults are the only unit that will give you an advantage in the battlefield. By launching attacks with lumber salvos, stones or mighty rage, you will take down defensive building much quicker and risking less mercenaries while doing so. How catapults work and are unlock is explained in the buildings section. Remember that there are several salvo sizes available, and each one requires different amount of resources available.

Function of Attack Log

By attack log,  you can view the list of attacks you have carried out and attacks you have received. The menu can be accessed by clicking on the “attacks” button, below the War button.


war of mercenaries

Clans are NPCs, not human players, they carry the same names for all players; Raging Bull, Shrieking Dragon, Iron Hand and Demon King. They will level up at your speed and be attacked anytime. Also, they could randomly attack your own city. After receiving an attack from a Bandit Clan, you will see the option to adjust the frequency of attacks to your city.


Defending Basics Relating to War

  • Damage Protection :  You can obtain a certain damage protection time in case the below mentioned 3 things occur;
  • Plenty of enemy attacks in a short span.
  • Getting your city completely destroyed after an attack.
  • Getting multiple attacks from the same player in a row.

Please note that the protection lasts just for 48hours, except for the one given to players that are just started with War of Mercenaries.


Some tips to effectively defend your city

  • You should start out with only towers and traps.
  • Watch posts should be the second protection priority layer.
  • Resource buildings must be protected within a ring of walls and towers.
  • Beasts are definitely the ultimate defensive weapon, but in order to use them effectively you first need to have a great resource output.
  • You can buy protection packs from the store, but these require real money.
  • You can try offering a truce to aggresive players, or those that attack you the most.
  • Destroyed Buildings :  All buildings that get destroyed are no longer working, they will not yield resources or be able to create unit. You need to repair them in order to make them functional again.


War of Mercenaries Warfare Tips

  • In case the stock pile capacity is exceeded, you will not get all the resources looted during the raid. So make sure you have enough space available before going to war.
  • Take Note that Mercenaries Never come back from war, no matter if they remain alive after a battle ends.  In case you are thinking if they got lost, No, they did not, they are simply gone and you will have to recruit them again.
  • Way to Increase the Number of Mercenaries for using in a War : There is need to upgrade your Assembly Area building in order to deploy more mercenaries at the battlefield at the same time.
  • When you place your mercenaries into the battlefield, you cannot aim or direct them to certain buildings or places. Be sure to choose the deployment spot with intelligence and so, you can do all this.

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