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Dated: 3:03am on Thursday 9th July 2015

Know each and every point by going through Complete Soul Guide.

Know About Game Wings of Destiny

This game brings about the soul system which is one of the best ways to greatly boost the power of your character. This soul guide will cover all aspects of the game and everybody can know about how to make the most of it in this game.

Know about Soul System 

The soul system can be looked as another gear. The Wings of Destiny soul system is unlocked when you reach level 20. This system is extremely similar to another game Wartune astrals. The idea is that you will spend cash or coins to gain “Souls”. Different souls will give your character different boosts. Please note that the souls can “eat” or “merge” with another to increase its level and power.

Your main goal is to get the best qualities souls while boosting them to the highest level possible. And based on the character class that you are using, you want to use relevant soul stat boosters.

You can equip souls when soul slots get unlocked as you level up in Wings of Destiny. Below is the time when your soul slots get unlocked.
1st Slot: Level 20
2nd Slot: Level 30
3rd Slot: Level 50
4th Slot: Level 70

Soul Quality and Boosts

Ranking of souls is based on the colors: The higher ranked souls typically offer more stats boosts with the exception of red soul. When you draw the soul, you can either merge them or sell them for some coins. The newly draw souls are all level 1.
Grey, Green, Blue, Purple, Orange, and Red.


This menu can be accessed by pressing “E” Wings of Dungeon hotkey. When you are drawing for souls, you can either progress to the next stage or get sent back to the beginning. Higher stage souls have higher chance of giving you higher ranked souls. Below is the rank of Wings of Destiny souls that you can draw, as well as their coin costs.

Stage 1 – 5000 coins: Grey, Green
Stage 2 – 7000 coins: Grey, Green, Blue
Stage 3 – 10000 coins: Grey, Green, Blue
Stage 4 – 15000 coins : Green, Blue, Purple
Stage 5 – 20000 coins: Blue, Purple, Orange, Red

Auto Soul Functions

Automatic functions offered by the game are there which help to save you the time of clicking over and over.

Draw Max: Unlocked at level 35. Draw souls from stage 1-4 as long as your coin allows. The stage 5 will have to be drawn by players manually.

Collect All:  Do not collect gray but collect all the souls. You must have enough inventory space for collection.

Sell All:  You need to Sell all the gray souls.

Soul EXP
Below is the amount of Soul Experience when absorbed by other Souls. You can fuse souls to make specific souls stronger. By default, these level 1 souls offer the following experiences when merged or fused.
Green: 20 Experience
Blue: 40 Experience
Purple: 80 Experience
Orange: 200 Experience
Red: 500 Experience

It should be noted that you can “lock” souls to avoid accidentally fusing them.

Soul Stats Explained

The soul system boosts various aspect of your character. We bring you a list of the stats that they will help you. The stats mentioned here are exactly the same as your usual character stats.


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