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Dated: 1:50am on Sunday 16th July 2017

world series of poker strategies on opponent's body language and play own's trick to win game.

World series of poker WSOP is a simple and interesting game. There are many tips that you need to follow:-
Select the right game for skill level pocket- 
  Go for an easier table than the harder one is a winner as always. Do not rush for harder ones.

  •  Avoid playing while you are emotional- It is good to be rationale rather emotional otherwise opponent will     take advantage of you. so first calm down and then play.
  •   Get reed to fold more often- There is no need to play every hand you will lose more this way. Do not stick to poor hand in the hope to improve it rather fold your hands.
  •  Look out for other players too- Even if you are folded. Watch for other players reactions, patterns, and body language. Keep all this in your mind.
  •   Don't think that playing at the Cassini is just like playing online- In case you can observe all things like body language but online it is not easy to detect.
  • Bluff wisely- It is better to fold rather to bluff occasionally. Don't bluff just for the sake of bluffing.
  •  No need to raise unless you think you can call a re- raise- There is always a chance of being re- raised, so make sure you are prepared to do so in case it does happen.
  •  Let be a humble winner and a graceful loser- Try to maintain a good attitude and have FUN throughout the game.
                                                                                        HAVE A JOYFUL PLAYING.

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