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Dated: 7:52am on Monday 10th June 2019

Strategy Guide Containing Important Tips, Tricks And Hints For Zombie Tsunami

zombie tsunami

Coins from Normal Runs

Survive to Gather More Coins

  • The longer you run, the more Coins you can get.
  • This will also give you more chance to convert brains for more lottery tickets.


Getting Perfects

  • Try to get all grouped Coins to get bonus Coins.
  • Bonuses like Tsunami and Giant Z will greatly help you get Perfects!

Grab a Gold Bonus

  • This Bonus or Power-Up will turn all bombs and vehicles that you touch.
  • Best with the "Double Coins" item from the lottery tickets.


Rewards from Lottery Tickets

 zombie tsunami

Get Coins

  • You can get 100, 200, or 1,500 Coins from lottery Tickets.
  • Try to scratch a 1,500 Coins reward from them to boost your game!
  • You can also sell your Lottery Ticket for 200 Coins if you want.

Coins Car

  • Chance to turn a vehicle into Coins when touched.
  • The default chance is 20%, and can be further increased to 30% after getting it's Upgrade in the market.
  • This item will be automatically used the next game.

Coins Bomb

  • Chance to turn a bomb into Coins when touched
  • The default chance is 20%, and can be further increased to 30% after getting it's upgrade in the market.
  • This item will be automatically used the next game.

Double Coins

  • Coins will get bigger, generating more coins than usual. If you want to greatly increase your Coins gain in a single run, get this item and make the most out of it. Refer to the sample screenshot above for "Double Coins".
  • It would be good if you have an active Gold Bonus, Coins Car, or Coins Bomb.
  • This item will be automatically used the next game.

Completing Missions

You should fill the potion bottles by completing a number of missions to get Coins. Here is the list given below to find how many Coins you can get from each potion bottle.

Crystal Trophy

  1. Cheap Plonk Potion = 200 Coins
  2. Toxic Tap Water = 300 Coins
  3. Elderberry Guts Tonic Water = 500 Coins
  4. Stomach Acid Cider = 600 Coins
  5. Fruit Punch with loose Teeth = 700 Coins
  6. Eyeball Soda = 800 Coins
  7. Fine Cognac Twice Regurgitated = 900 Coins
  8. Scruttock's Drop Dead Dirigible = 1,000 Coins
  9. Brain Nerve Liqueur = 1,200 Coins
  10. Single Malt Bile = 1,400 Coins
  11. Cham-Pain = 1,500 Coins
  12. Pure Pureed Puritan with Extra Pulp = 1,800 Coins
  13. Hell-vian Water = 2,000 Coins
  14. Lao Tzu's Elixir of Life (and Death) = 2,200 Coins
  15. Frankenstein's Lightening in a Bootle = 2,500 Coins
  16. Herbert West's Finest Reanimation Serum = 4,050 Coins

Bronze Trophy

  • Crystal Trophy Potions +50 Coins

Silver Trophy

  • Crystal Trophy Potions +100 Coins

Gold Trophy

  • Crystal Trophy Potions +150 Coins

Zombie Tsunami Diploma

  • Crystal Trophy Potions +200 Coins

Take Note:  After getting your Diploma, random missions and those 16 potion bottles will still be available. You'll get a +50 Coins increment too, making this a great source of Coins!

Optional Methods: Free and Cash Users

Connect the Game to your Facebook Account

  • Start by selecting the "Friends+" option at the Main Menu.
  • Do this at the start of the game to get enough Coins for your first upgrade.

Like Mobigame's Page on Facebook

  • Go to the Market > Coins section. Select the "Like Mobigame" option then like their page on Facebook.

Buy Coins or Pills

  • Optional method for cash users.

Different Pills will randomly pop out in your screen after a game.

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