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Dated: 7:54am on Monday 10th June 2019

Strategy Guide Containing Tips and Tricks, Solution To Level: 1-42, Purchasing Items, Placing Items, Assign Zoo Keeper And More.

zoo world classic

Know about Game:

Zoo World is a creation of  Rockyou! People can play this game on facebook.  It  is a real time zoo simulation game.  The guide for this game is being created to give information about its tips and tricks, useful hints. Also, guide has lot of information about strategies to be adopted to complete Zoo World.

 zoo world classic


Zoo World lets you run your own Zoo. You purchase the animals and supplies, hire staff, and place everything exactly where you want it to be. You will hire your Neighbors as your Zoo Keepers and will interact with them as you help each other via gifting and trading animals to make your Zoo fantastic. You will start out with a small amount of money, a few animals and a small piece of land eventually growing your Zoo to the size of ten Islands. Be sure to check in daily to supervise your animals, Collect daily cash bonuses, feed babies, and train your animals.

You must do several tasks to move up through the levels. Most of these levels will require you to purchase expensive items so be sure to visit neighbors and keep your Zoo at optimal profit level by checking your Zoo Report Card Daily.

The game allows you to run your own Zoo while using your social network of friends at Facebook to help you build up your number of animals, trees, topiaries, statues and attractions at your Zoo.

  • You are given a small piece of land and a few animals to start. You will set the ticket price for your customers and will be able to adjust conditions at your Zoo to make it more favorable for your visitors. Each time you add another attraction you will have to purchase a Zoo Keeper or a Kiosk Manager.
  • If you play and increase your Zoo’s size you will earn a different amount of profit each day. A day in Zoo World is 5 minutes and you will earn the profit amount every 5 minutes while the game is open! Keeping the game open for a long time will earn you more money to spend on animals and attractions.
  • In this game, the trees, topiaries and statues give you money! Click on these items once daily in your Zoo and in your Neighbor’s Zoos and you will earn a lot of money to purchase items for your own Zoo. NOTE – This is known as “shaking” such as Shaking Trees.
  • As your Zoo increases in size you will be responsible to purchase parking lots, restrooms and staff to run these areas.
  • If the sizeof the zoo is bigger, you will make more money and also, there will be more animals, staff, and attractions to purchase.
  • Your live feed at Facebook is a large part of Zoo World as there are several animals that can only be obtained by rescuing them off of the live feeds when placed there by your Zoo World Friends.
  • If you visit your Neighbor’s Zoo and click on their trees and find the hidden attraction, that will earn you money for your Zoo daily.
  • There is a daily bonus given based on the size of your Zoo. The first time you visit your Zoo each day you will collect this bonus.
  • Optional games can be played to earn money such as the Daily Zoo Lotto (See Daily Zoo Lotto Below for details) and the Daily Question of the Day. (See Daily Question of the Day below for more details.)
  • Zoo World allows you to breed animals once you have 2 of that species and each species has either an easy, medium, hard, or expert level of breeding for a fee
  • There are two types of currency in Zoo World. Zoo World currency called “Zoo Dollars” used to purchase general items in the game and “Wild Life Points” used to purchase special animated attractions and animals for your Zoo.
  • Sometimes you will encounter messages informing you that you have found a lost animal. (See Lost Animals below for more information.) Place these animals on the live feed for your friends to earn money when they help out this lost animal.
  • Every 24 hours you can send your friends 1 free gift which is determined by how far along you are in the game. The further along you are in the game the more free animals will unlock and you can choose to send 1 animal to a large group of friends or you can send a different animal to each friend. (See Gifting Items to Neighbors below for more details.)
  • Limited gifts can also be sent by you which are items that you own that you wish to give to a friend
  • Collectible items such as trees and statues can also be gifted which will give your friends daily income.
  • As you acquire animals for your Zoo they move into your inventory. Once you visit your Zoo you can place your animal by dragging them to the Zoo and placing them on the land. As you progress you land becomes larger and eventually you are given an additional piece of land up to 10 different land areas for your Zoo.
  • Joining Zoo World’s Fan page will give you access to special fan gifts and updates to the game. You can access their  https://www.facebook.com/pages/Zoo-World/162104552518
  • Each day Zoo World resets at 12AM PST.


Game Strategies/Tips/Tricks 

  • It is advisable to start your ticket price very low at $1.00 and change it from time to time to see at which price you have the highest profit. You can change the price at any time. The best time for a price increase is after you add a few animals and the size of your Zoo increases along with your number of visitors.
  • Some of the level requirements are very difficult and expensive. Be sure to do daily visits and click on the trees of your Neighbors for the most profit.
  • When visiting your Neighbors you will want to click on each one of their animals as you try to find the hidden secret bonus. It is best to start with your Neighbors at the very end of your friend list with the smallest Zoos at it will take very little time to search for the bonus money. Once you reach your top level friends they may have up to 10 plots of land and it will take quite a while to search for the hidden bonus but you will have a lot more trees, topiaries and statues you can also click on for coins.
  • The Zoo lottery is available to play as many times as you wish but it will cost you 2 Wildlife dollars to play and you have very low odds of winning a match as you have to choose from over 100 animals. Play this only if you have the money to spare.
  • Trees are a great investment as you will be able to click on them daily to earn extra income. There are several trees that upgrade over time and give even more money.
  • Whenever you see a free topiary on the live feeds be sure to click on it as these will earn you coins if you click on them each day and it really adds up.
  • Saving lost animals, and feeding newly bred animals on the live feed will earn you big bucks. Be sure to click on these links any time you see them.
  • Always try to gift your friends a free item each day. People tend to gift you the item you send to them in this game so keep this in mind when sending gifts.
  • Keep an eye on your Zoo Report Card. If you earn all A’s in the categories you can be certain you are obtaining the maximum profit for your Zoo size.
  • It happens sometimes that the level instructions can be confusing. If you are told to buy a certain amount of an item it means you need to buy exactly what it says right at this time. If you needed to purchase 10 Eagles but you already have 8 you still need to purchase 10, not 2 more.
  • Keep the game open at least an hour a day. While the game is open you are earning money every 5 minutes which is a Zoo day. There is a timer at the top of the screen that counts down every 5 minutes and when the time is up you earn the amount listed next to
    “Profit” at the top of the screen.
  • When you have enough Wildlife points purchase a tree that will give you wildlife points each day when you click on it. This way when you have finished all the levels (which award you wildlife points when completed) you will have another way to keep earning them.
  • When you are playing the game be sure to post anything that will give your neighbors a potential profit but keep any post that just announces achievements to a minimum as people will sometimes delete players that clog the feeds with these messages.
  • As soon as you have the money start training your Bald Eagle as this takes a lot of time and you will need it to level up. Make a habit of going to the animal and hitting the “Train” button as soon as you log in to the game.
  • IMPORTANT TIP – It is entirely possible that you could complete a level requirement for a future level. For example while collecting 2 of every animal for level 22 you may have collected the required items for another level. It is a really great idea to read over the level requirements listed below and read ahead of where you are to see if you can knock out later objectives.
  • IMPORTANT TIP – Changing your ticket price to $1.00 will show you the maximum number of customers you can have in a day. You can use this information when trying to fulfill level requirements.
  • IMPORTANT TIP – As you advance test ticket prices with different amounts and note your profit and number of visitors for the day. If you add a large number of animals or attractions be sure to check this number as it changes frequently and once you hit $16.00 per ticket you can just leave it there as it does not fluctuate once you reach that point of the game.
  • NOTE – When your Zoo reaches a value of over 10 Million the value will be truncated and you will not be able to see the last 3 digits so it will seem as if you are not earning additional income. Place your mouse over this area and you will be able to see the total amount you have coming in.
  • IMPORTANT TIP – Spiders are not insects. When you need to unlock the insects purchase Butterflies.



 zoo world classic

  • There are currently 42 levels in Zoo World but this could change at any time.
  • Look at the top of the screen where you will see objectives which need to be met in order to advance to the next level.
  • As you enhance in level the tasks become harder and more expensive so it is important to make as much profit as possible to keep leveling up.
  • Beginning with level 4 you will have 4 tasks to complete in order to advance to the next level.


Level 1

  • Visit Your Zoo

Level 2

  • Buy an Animal
  • Recruit or purchase one Zookeeper
  • View Your Report Card
  • Purchase a Vet.

Level 3

  • Purchase 1 Kiosk
  • Hire Kiosk Manager
  • Buy 1 Breeding house
  • Start breeding a Bald Eagle

Level 4

  • Purchase 1 small tree.
  • Shake your tree for money (Click on tree to shake)

Level 5

  • Make a daily profit of $1030.00
  • Visit the wildlife fund
  • Change your Ticket Price to $2.00
  • Get back some of the cash you started with ($3000.00)

Level 6

  • Get 1025 visitors in one Zoo day.
  • Hire a Maintenance Manager.
  • Buy 3 more small trees for your Zoo.
  • Purchase 2 Kiosks.

Level 7

  • Make a daily profit of $1050.00
  • Get 1030 visitors in one Zoo day.
  • Buy 5 Big trees for your Zoo.
  • Have at least $5000.00 cash.

Level 8

  • Buy a Welcome sign
  • Make a daily profit of $ 700.00
  • Visit a friend (Optional Task)
  • Get a friend to visit you (Optional Task)

Level 9

  • Buy 1 Restroom
  • Get 20 common Animals.
  • Finish breeding your Bald Eagle
  • Change your ticket price to $4

Level 10

  • Purchase 4 Food Kiosks
  • Make a daily profit of $1500
  • Get 1050 visitors in one Zoo day
  • Buy and build a Parking lot.

Level 11

  • Have at least $8000 cash
  • House 35 animals in your Zoo
  • Train your Eagle to do 1 Trick
  • Buy a total of 8 small trees.

Level 12

  • Make a daily profit of $2500
  • Get 35 Animals for your Zoo
  • Buy or get gifted 10 Unique Species
  • Purchase 7 kiosks.

Level 13

  • Get 1070 visitors in one Zoo day.
  • Get 55 animals for your Zoo.
  • Buy 10 small mammals.

Level 14

  • Get five Rare Species
  • Visit 2 friends (Optional Task)

Level 15

  • Get a total of 15 big trees for your zoo
  • Get 5 reptiles.

Level 16

  • Have at least $15000 cash
  • Get 1300 visitors in one Zoo day.

Level 17

  • Buy 16 Small Mammals
  • Hire a total of 9 Maintenance Managers
  • Purchase a total of 20 Kiosks
  • Visit 2 friends (Optional Task)

Level 18

  • 40 Unique Species.
  • House 80 animals in your Zoo.
  • Get 5 insects or Arachnids
  • Make a daily profit of $16000.

Level 19

  • Buy a total of 30 big trees for your Zoo.
  • Get 2500 visitors in one Zoo day
  • Train animal to do 2 tricks.
  • Get 30 large Mammals.

Level 20

  • Breed 4 Medium Animals.
  • Buy a total of 4 Restrooms.

Level 21

  • Get 2700 visitors in one Zoo day.
  • House 90 Animals in your Zoo.

Level 22

  • Buy a total of 3 Animal Hospitals.
  • Have at least $600,000 cash
  • “Noah’s Ark” – Get 2 of every species you own. (You must purchase 2 as ones you already own do not count as well as any Ultra Rare animals.)
  • Get 20 rare animals.

Level 23

  • Get 10 Primates
  • Get 60 Unique Species.
  • Get 3000 visitors in one Zoo day.
  • Buy a total of 45 big trees for your Zoo.

Level 24

  • Have at least $1,000,000 Cash.
  • Get 15 Amphibians
  • Get 25 Birds
  • Purchase a total of 6 Veterinarians.

Level 25

  • Breed 6 medium Animals.
  • Get 3900 Visitors in one Zoo day.
  • Buy total of 7 Restrooms.
  • Have at least $3,000,000 in cash.

Level 26

  • Get 70 Unique Species.
  • House 200 animals in your Zoo.
  • Breed 2 “Hard” level animals.
  • Get 30 aquatic animals.

Level 27

  • Buy a total of 40 small trees for your Zoo.
  • Get 75 Unique Species.
  • Have at least $4,000,000 cash
  • House 300 animals in your Zoo.

Level 28

  • Get 4400 visitors in one Zoo day.
  • Breed 4 “hard” level animals
  • Have at least $6,000,000 cash
  • Get 100 Unique Species.

Level 29

  • House 500 animals in your Zoo.
  • Get 25 Reptiles.
  • Have at least $15,000,000 cash.
  • Breed 2 “Expert” level animals.

Level 30

  • Buy a total of 60 Big trees for your Zoo.
  • Train animal to do 3 Tricks.
  • Have at least $25,000,000 Cash.
  • Get 5500 visitors in one Zoo day.

Level 31

  • Breed 6 “Expert” level animals.
  • Have at least $28,000,000 cash.
  • Get 50 Birds.
  • Get 30 Primates.

Level 32

  • Make a daily profit of $65,000.
  • “Three’s Company” – Get at least 3 of every species you own.
  • Train animal to do 5 tricks.
  • Breed 10 “Expert” level animals.

Level 33

  • Have at least $35,000,000 cash.
  • Purchase a total of 30 Kiosks.
  • Get 6,500 visitors in one Zoo day.
  • Get 4 of each species you own.

Level 34

  • Get 6800 visitors in one Zoo day.
  • Hire total of 75 Maintenance Managers
  • Train your animal to do 4 tricks.
  • Have at least $45,000,000 cash.

Level 35

  • Purchase a total of 15 Vets
  • Have at least $70,000,000 cash.
  • Get 7,000 Visitors in one Zoo day.
  • Get 100 small Mammals.

Level 36

  • Get 100 Aquatic Animals.
  • Get 7,500 visitors in one Zoo day.
  • Make a daily profit of $75,000.
  • Have at least 60 Kiosks.

Level 37

  • Hire a total of 100 Maintenance Managers.
  • Get 7,700 visitors in one Zoo day.
  • Have at least $85,000,000 cash.
  • Breed 15 “Expert” level animals.

Level 38

  • Have at least $100,000,000 Cash.
  • Get 5 of every species you own.
  • Train your animals to do 5 tricks.
  • Get 8 of each animal – Wildebeest, Spotted Hyena, Zebra, Lion, African Elephant, and Giraffe.

Level 39

  • Get 8000 visitors in one Zoo day.
  • Get 10 of each – Parking Lot, Bench, Trash Can and Restroom.
  • Get 6 of each – Rain Forest Dweller, Cheetah, Blue and Yellow Macaw, Scarlet Macaw, Tree Frog, Monkey and Sundra Loris.
  • Get 5 of each Junk Food Stands – Cotton Candy , Ice Cream, French Fries, and Pretzel Stand.

Level 40

  • Get 4 of each – Vet, Animal Hospital, and Breeding Hospital.
  • Have at least $125,000,000.
  • Train your animals to do 5 tricks.
  • Get 7 of each – Sting Ray, Blue Whale, Octopus, Dolphin and Orca.

Level 41

  • Get 8,500 Visitors in one Zoo day.
  • “Get some Entertainment” – 7 each of the following – Safari Show, Fish feeding, Hot Air Balloon, and Helicopter Ride.
  • Train you animals to do 6 tricks.
  • “Arctic Adventure” – Get 8 of each – Emperor Penguin, Polar Bear, and Arctic Fox.

Level 42

  • Have at least 130,000,000 Cash.
  • Buy a total of 100 Big Trees.
  • Get 9000 Visitors in one Zoo day.


Game Elements

 zoo world classic

Zoo Menus

  • You will see a screen shot of the game’s main menu and all significant elements are labeled and explained  in detail.
  • Zoo Profit - This is the amount of money your Zoo Currently has on hand to spend on animals, decorations and attractions. You can also see your Wildlife Points here.
  • Game controls - Here you can toggle the sound on and off and if your computer is running slow you can change it to a lower quality graphic to make it run faster.
  • Zoo Day Countdown Timer - Each Zoo Day in Zoo World lasts for 5 Minutes and you will see a countdown clock here and in all the other screens you encounter in the game. Whatever your daily profit is you will earn it every 5 minutes when this clock hits zero.
  • Zoo Value/Island Menu - Here you can see exactly what a Zoo is worth. Underneath is the Menu to toggle between any Islands you have. Simply click on one of the green diamonds to move to another Island.
  • Report Card - Click here to see a detailed breakdown of your Zoo Report Card. (See Report Card below for more information.)
  • My Info - Click here to see your daily profit, number of visitors, and a detailed listing of Neighbors that have visited your Zoo so you can reciprocate and visit theirs.
  • Zoom In/Out Tool - This will help you to zoom in and out to navigate around your Island. Especially helpful when placing items in your Zoo.
  • Zoo Menu – This Menu is seen when you are actually in your Zoo and will help you move around to the different areas.


  1. Shop - This is where you buy animals, decorations, Staff, Collectibles and anything else associated with your Zoo.
  2. Inventory - This is your Inventory and where gifted and purchased items are placed. (See Placing Items/Inventory Below)
  3. Send Gifts - Click this to send gifts to your Neighbors once per day. (See Sending Gifts Below)
  4. Breed - Click here to breed your animals. (See Breeding below for more information.)
  5. Assign Zookeeper - Click here to assign one of your neighbors as your Animal’s Zookeeper. (See Assigning Zookeepers below.)
  6. Trophy Room - Click here to get information about the game’s trophies and to see what you have earned and what you need to reach the next level.
  7. Wildlife Fund - Click here to purchase additional Zoo Dollars or Wildlife Points.
  8. ? – Help - Click here if you need additional help with the game.

 zoo world classic

Main Menu

  • Here you will see the other main menu you will use in the game along the top of the screen shot.
  • This page also has a Zoo Day countdown clock, and area to check and adjust ticket prices and links to play the lottery and daily Quiz.
  • The tabs are self explanatory but I will list them here in case it is difficult to see them in the screen shot.
  • L-R
  • Home - Click here to go to your home page. Your Zoo Dairy is located here as well as Fan Page and developer updates.
  • Visit Zoo - Click here whenever you need to go into your Zoo to place items or look for bonus money and gifts.
  • Send Gift - Click here to send unlimited, limited and Collectible gifts to your Neighbors. (See Sending Gifts Below.)
  • Visit Friends – Click here to go to a helpful page where you can see a summary of your neighbors Zoos and their values as well as indications of who you have never visited before. Very well laid out page to help you visit your neighbors.
  • Breed - Click here to go to the breeding page. (See Breeding Animals Below)
  • Race - Click here if you wish to race your Bald Eagles or Swifts. (See Racing or Solo Racing Below)
  • Shop- Click here to access the Shop and purchase items for your Zoo. (You can also reach this from the Zoo.)
  • Wildlife Fund - Click here if you wish to purchase additional Zoo World Currency.
  • Help - Click here to go to the help page. There are several frequently asked questions here and you will find this page helpful.
  • Fans - Click here to access the fan pages and the Rockyou! forums.


Getting Started

  • When you begin the game you are given $50,000 Zoo dollars, a small plot of land with a birds of prey show, 1 breeding house, a Bald Eagle, Lion, and African Elephant to begin your Zoo. These items are already placed on the land.
  • Right away you will notice at the top there are tasks or achievements for you to complete. The tasks are tutorial in nature and once completed you will be at level 3. After level 3 you have to complete 2-4 tasks before you will move up a level. These tasks are expensive and they are not easy so be sure to keep your Zoo as profitable as possible. Once you hit level 3 you will be awarded 1 Wildlife point each time you move up a level.
  • You will be asked to purchase an animal and the only one that will be unlocked for you is the Spotted Hyena which cost $800 Zoo Dollars. (Be sure to just purchase 1 at this time.)
  • Make sure the quantity is set at “1” then click on “Buy” to purchase. You will be asked to confirm. Once you do the Hyena will be placed into your inventory box.
  • Click on “Visit Zoo” where you will be taken to your plot of land. You will notice people walking around your Zoo. The more animals and attractions you place on the land, the more people will visit your Zoo.
  • Drag the Spotted Hyena to an empty spot of land. (See “Placing items in your Zoo” for specific instructions)
  • NOTE – The first time you own a specific animal you will place it on your Zoo. If you buy any additional animals of the same breed they will automatically be added to the quantity and you will not find them in your inventory.
  • Once your Spotted Hyena is placed you will be asked to assign a Zookeeper. (See assigning Zookeeper below)
  • Your next step is to study your report card and do whatever the game suggests you do to in order to increase your rating.
  • Continue to add animals and attractions to your Zoo as long as you can afford them.
  • Important TIP – Do not buy several of one animal at the beginning of your game as this wastes money and will put you behind. It is better to have several species verses a large quantity of a particular species.
  • Once you learn the various menus and their functions you should be able to maintain the game easily.
  • It is recommended you check in at least once a day to collect your bonuses and visit your Neighbors. Remember the time you keep the game open is profit for you every 5 minutes you will earn the profit of one Zoo Day.
  • Be sure to refer to Game information at the top right often and work to earn all A’s on the Zoo Report Card.


Zoo Day

zoo world classic

  • In Zoo World a Zoo Day is only 5 Minutes Long.
  • Whatever your profit is you will earn that every 5 minutes as long as your game is open and you are supervising your Zoo.
  • While you are visiting friends you are earning money every 5 minutes and earning bonuses for visiting them.
  • If you have the application open but you are not doing anything the game will eventually shut down the Zoo day and a button will appear that says, “Start Zoo Day” so you can’t just leave it running unattended for long periods of time.
  • The Zoo and the main menu areas all have countdown clocks so you can keep an eye on your Zoo Day.
  • Be sure to check your ticket prices throughout the day and after major changes to your Zoo so you are sure you are earning the optimal profit with the most visitors. (See Ticket Prices)


Purchasing Items from the Shop

 zoo world classic

zoo world classic

  • This is one of your first tasks and is very easy to do. Simply click on “Shop” at the top of the Menu and you will see a Shop Menu broken down into several categories.
  • When you open the shop menu you will see it is broken down into six categories. Each of these six categories is broken down into yet another menu underneath the main categories. Click on the Category you want then choose the item you wish to purchase, set the quantity and click on “buy.” The items will either go into your inventory or directly into your Zoo.
  • Animals - Here you will see animals listed in the order they are unlocked along with their cost.
  • Kiosks - Here you will find the shops, stands, and attractions for your Zoo.
  • Staff - Here you will purchase Staff to take care of your Animals, The Zoo Grounds, and the Kiosks in the Zoo.
  • Collectibles - Here you will purchase items that are in collections such as Trees and Topiaries (See Collections)
  • Support - Here you will find random decorative items you can purchase to increase the appeal of your Zoo. These items include trees, signs, benches, etc.
  • Maps – Here you can purchase Maps which change the shape of your land, add snow and other fun things. Many of these require a level unlock or a certain number of friends to unlock. Mouse over a shaded item to see it’s requirements.
  • Once you find the item you wish to purchase enter the amount of items you wish to purchase and click on “Buy” Excluding Staff, If it is the first time you have every purchased this particular item it will be found in your inventory for placement on your land.


Placing Items on Land/Moving Items around your Zoo

 zoo world classic

zoo world classic

  • Click on “Visit Zoo” then click on “Zoom Out” so you can see clear areas to place items on your land.
  • Once you have a spot chosen click on the “Inventory” box at the bottom middle of screen.
  • Click on the item and hold down your left mouse button. Drag the item to the correct location and when you see a green square you are free to place the item by letting go of the left mouse button. The zone will turn red if there is not enough room for the item.
  • You can open inventory to move items around in your Zoo as well. Click on the box, and everything on your land is movable.
  • Once you are finished click on the green check mark box on the right as this is your save button and will lock in the changes.


Assign a Zookeeper to your Animals

 zoo world classic

zoo world classic

  • After you place a new species of animal on your land you will be asked to assign a Zookeeper.
  • You will need 1 Zookeeper per Species in the game.
  • You will be able to choose your Neighbors to be your Zookeepers and if you run out of Neighbors you can either get more Neighbors or an option to buy Zookeepers should appear and you can do that instead.
  • Click on the Zookeeper button near the bottom center of menu.
  • You will see here a page of your available Neighbors waiting in line to be chosen.
  • Pick a friend to be your Zookeeper. If you change your mind you can change this later.
  • Whenver you have assigned a Zookeeper you are finished after you hit the green arrow to save.

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