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Dated: 7:54am on Monday 10th June 2019

Strategies About Earn Money, Maximize Energy, Build Zoo, Care Animals, Breed Animals, Interacting With Friends, To Level Up.

zoo world 2

Know About Zoo World 2

In this game, you should purchase endangered animals, breed them properly and make sure to save them from the brink of extinction in this zoo simulation. We will give step by step information, hints, tips, tricks and strategies to play properly the game Zoo World 2  in order to create your interest in the game. This guide will certainly help the beginners who come to play this game.

Menu Bars and Tabs

zoo world 2

  • Look at the top of the screen, there are five tabs i.e. Visit Zoo, Send Gift, Add Zoo Bucks, Help, and RY Messages.
  • If you look slightly below, there are your stats which include your zoo bucks balance, food, energy, hearts, experience, and Facebook credits.
  • Goals have been listed down the left side of the screen.
  • Look at the bottom of the screen, it shows the popularity of your zoo and if you look some down, there is your friend bar.
  • Look at the bottom right corner. There you will find find your tools  i.e. move, store, sell, your stuff i.e. gifts, storage  and also the shop button.


Detail of Toolbars

  • How to Access Tool bar : Your tool bar is accessed at the bottom right of the screen. To access it click on the arrow button. You will have access to four tools.
  • Purpose of Store: Allows you to store items you have already purchased and placed within your zoo.
  • Selling Back Items: Sell back items that you have purchased or release your animals.
  • Purpose of Info: Allows you to click on any animal and bring up information about it.
  • Purpose of Move: Move items that you have already placed in your zoo.
  • Access to Stuff: To access “Your Stuff” click on the gift box button.
  • Access to Gift Box: Access gifts that you have received from your friends.
  • Animal Diary: Opens your animal diary.
  • Purpose of Storage: Access your stored items.


Begin Your Game : Step by Step Information

zoo world 2

Here,  we will show the first goals that are laid out for you in the game.

Now, you begin the game with $5000 zoo bucks, 25 food, 10 energy, 80 hearts and zero experience.

To collect the Hearts : Click on the animals with hearts above their heads to collect the hearts.

To Feed Animals : Click on the animals with an empty food dish above their head to feed them.

Now, collect the coins, food, and experience that appear by moving your mouse over the items. You do not need to click to collect the items.

Now first animal is to be purchased by you. Here, click on the shop button in the bottom right corner.

Purchase the Callithrix monkey for $100.

Place the monkey next to your other monkey and click on it to feed it.

As both of your monkeys are fed, it is time to breed them. Click on either monkey to bring up the option. Breeding the monkeys will cost you 20 hearts.

Place the breeding nest on the map. Click on the nest to call the stork. The stork will deliver a bundle of joy that will be ready to emerge after a couple minutes.

To open your zoo, Click on the ticket booth.


Important Items and their Details

  • Function of Zoo Bucks: The element in Zoo World 2. Zoo bucks are used to purchase animals, kiosks, shops and numerous other items.
  • Purpose of Food: Food is represented by a picture of popcorn. You can use food to purchase additional energy through the shop menu.
  • Purpose of Energy: Energy is used to feed animals and collect money from your kiosks and shops. You do not use energy to collect hearts from your animals.
  • Use of Hearts: Hearts are collected from happy and well fed animals. Hearts are used to breed your animals. You can have 100 hearts maximum at a time.
  • How to Earn Experience: Experience is represented by a star. You earn experience by collecting money from your kiosks and buildings, feeding your animals, breeding your animals, and through numerous other actions. Collecting experience will allow you to level up and unlock new animals for your zoo.
  • How to increase Popularity: Popularity shows how popular your zoo is. You can increase your popularity by having a variety of animals in your zoo. Increasing your popularity will unlock new buildings and kiosks.
  • Completion of Goals: Your current goals are listed on the left side of the screen. Be sure to complete them as they will earn you additional experience, food , zoo bucks, and hearts.

zoo world 2

  • Endangerment Meter: All animals in the game start out as endangered. You can save the animals from extinction by breeding them. To check the endangerment meter go to your tools toolbar and select the info icon. You can the click on any animal in your zoo and see its meter.
  • Ultra Rares: Ultra Rares are animals that can only be purchased using Facebook Credits. They can also only be bred by using Facebook Credits.


Ways to Earn Money in the Game

  • There are numerous ways to earn money in Zoo World 2. Including:
  • You must  collect money from all your kiosks and buildings as well as from your ticket booth. Collecting money reopens them so that you can earn more money. Each kiosk or building will show how long you have until you can collect from them if you hover your mouse over them.
  • Money can be earned by completing the goals that are listed on the left side of your screen.
  • If you Feed animals, it will earn you some additional zoo bucks.
  • Do not forget to click on your friends stories in your Facebook feed. These can provide additional zoo bucks as well.
  • If you are strapped for cash, you can sell back some of the decorations you have purchased.
  • Zoo bucks can be purchased using Facebook Credits.

Way to Maximize Energy

  • Note that you lose one energy point every time you feed an animal, collect money from a kiosk or building, build a new building, or call the stork.
  • You earn energy back at the rate of one point for every five minutes that pass. You will earn energy until your energy bar is full whether you are in the game or not.
  • If you collect hearts from your animals. You do not lose energy. Please remember that after you collect the hearts your animals will be hungry again.
  • By visiting your friends, one extra energy point can be earned by you. You will earn one point for each friend you visit.
  • Energy can be purchased in the shop by using food or Facebook Credits.


How to Build Your Zoo

  • Function of Shop :  At the shop, you will be spending your zoo bucks to make your zoo the best it can be. Here, you will get an introduction to the shop and the items you can expect to find there. There are seven tabs within the shop.
  • Function of Featured: Here  you will find featured items. These are likely to be items that have to be purchased using Facebook Credits.

zoo world 2

  • Function of Animals: Here,  you will find all the animals in the game. You will need to purchase two animals of a breed if you wish to breed them. The tab is broken down further so that you can easily sort through the animals by type: ultra rare, reptiles, mammals, and birds.

zoo world 2

  • Function of Terrains: Here, you will find paths for your zoo as well as terrains for your exhibits. This tab is broken down further into land, water, and paths.

zoo world 2

  • Function of Decorations: It  contains all the various décor you can purchase to make your zoo unique. Items that are intended for exhibits will show you which animals like them the best if you hover your mouse over them. The tab is broken down into trees, fences, sets, and other. 

zoo world 2

  • Buildings & Kiosks: This section is where you can purchase food and shopping kiosks. The tab is broken down into food, shopping, and other.

zoo world 2

  • Function of Energy: Here, you can purchase additional energy when you run out. You can either use food to purchase energy or you can use Facebook Credits.

 zoo world 2

  • Expansions: After a while you will start to run out of room in your zoo. This section of the shop allows you to expand your zoo as well as purchase specific exhibits.

How to Care for Your Animals

zoo world 2 

Most importantly, do not forget to feed your animals. Hungry animals will not produce hearts for you to collect. You can tell if your animals are hungry by looking for the empty food dish above their head. Click on the animal to feed it.

zoo world 2 

Satisfied animals will produce hearts for you to collect. If you see an animal with a heart above it head, click on it to collect. Hearts can be used to breed your animals.

If you want to breed your animals make sure that you have purchased two of them and that they are placed close together.


How to Breed Your Animals & Take Care of Baby Animals

  • To breed your animals, first make sure that you have purchased two of the animal you wish to breed and that they are placed next to one another.
  • You must see that your animals are well fed. Unhappy or hungry animals will not breed.

 zoo world 2

  • Click on one of the animals to bring up the breeding confirmation screen. You must have enough hearts to breed your animals. If you do not have enough hearts your animals will not breed.
  • If you  have successfully bred your animals, you will need to place the nest for the new baby.
  • When you have placed the nest, click on it to call the stork. The stork will deliver a bundle. Hover your mouse over it to see how long before your new baby animal will ready to emerge.
  • Once  the baby animal is ready to emerge an alarm clock will appear over the nest. Click on the nest and the new baby will appear.
  • Your new baby will be hungry so make sure to click on it to feed it.
  • Baby animals are required to be fed without any gap so that they grow into healthy adult animals. You can set the game to post to your wall when your animals need to be fed. This will allow your friends to take care of your animals as well.
  • In case  baby animals are not taken care of properly, they can become lonely and sad, so make sure to check in on them and take care of them.
  • After a set amount of time your baby will be ready to grow up. You will know it is ready when a birthday cake appears above its head. Click on it at that time and your animal will grow into an adult.

Interacting with Friends

  • You must ensure to visit your friends zoos daily to earn an additional energy point and 50 zoo bucks.
  • You will have five energy points each and every day, you can spend at your friends zoos helping them out. Taking care of your friends animals or kiosks will earn you additional zoo bucks, experience and food.
  • Send gifts to your friends. Some animals can only be accessed through the gift giving system. You can also send your friends energy and décor items.
  • Your friends can also visit your zoo. If you see your friends profile picture in your zoo, click on it to accept their help.
  • Your friends can also send you gifts. You can accept gifts either through Facebook or through the RY Message tab at the top of your screen.
  • Gifts received by you will be stored in your gift box located under the “Your Stuff” button at the bottom right of your screen.

How to Level up

  • By earning experience. You can earn experience in numerous ways, including feeding animals, collecting money from your kiosks and buildings, visiting your friends, and helping out at their zoos.
  • If you gain enough experience you will level up. Leveling up will unlock additional animals and refill and increase your energy bar.

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