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Referral System: Updated On 26-11-18


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How To earn Keys?

  • First Time Login Bonus.(20 Keys)
  • Visit Current page daily to get 5 Keys as login bonus.(New)
  • You Need To Install any one Addon and submit your game posts from your wall.(2 Key Per Submit).
  • 10 Keys Per Facebook Referral: Inviting Your Friends or other people by sharing your referral URL will help them a lot and in return you will earn Keys, you can send them information with Referral Link. Make sure to send Referral link only to those who can benefit from it.

Benefits of Keys?

  • You can access Latest Posts by using Key.
  • Zero Or One clicked items can be unlock by using your Key.
  • You cannot buy, sell Or exchange these Keys, You need to earn it, by helping others.

Login Will Also Help You in:

  • Keep yourself login to website to filter out already clicked items by you, These will be hidden after refresh, Only Unclicked Items Will Be Shown.

Bonus Keys:

  • We may credit your account keys from time to time by checking your submits and Referrals status.

Why Addon Status is Not installed

  • When you start submitting items using addon, it will be marked as installed.
  • Chrome Addon: Google Chrome Extension
  • Firefox Addon: Firefox Browser Addon

Frequently Asked Questions (For Keys)

Why we started use of Keys?

  • To Give Premium Access To Users Who Submit Items And Help Everyone.

What Are Keys?

  • These Keys can be used as Premium Access To unlock Unclaimed Items Faster.

When will we deduct key?

  • On the Filter Page if you get 5 items less than 3 clicks we will deduct a Key.