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Posted - 3 months 1 W ago
You can download COL on Google Play through clicking the Play Game button on this page. If you are a iOS user, please click the link below: Link Enjoy!
clash of leagues
Posted - 3 months 2 Ws ago
Clash of Leagues is released now! Click the PLAY GAME button on this page and begin to create your own legend!:
clash of leagues
Posted - 4 months 2 Ds ago
In COL, I never know who I'll be up against and what my teammates are like.Well then, surprise me! :
clash of leagues
Posted - 4 months 3 Ds ago
Although they were few in number, Garrosh was always the elite warrior of the orc horde. Once a member of the fire blade clan, the clan were destroyed by their own evil forces. After the splintering of the fire blade clan, Garrosh carries the totem of the clan, fighting to save himself and his clan brothers. Under Garrosh's leadership, the orc tribes rose up and led the orcs into the war of The Three Kingdoms. Although Garrosh is a master of stealth and deception, he values team glory above all else.:
clash of leagues
Posted - 4 months 4 Ds ago
It's legend! COL's wild mode is a special gameplay that allows you to send a unit to explore the wild when your major forces are fighting in the nation war, effectively saving time waiting in combat. Players need to explore the wild to unlock new soldiers, and can get some extra wild supplies. In the wild mode, players will also encounter many bosses, after winning the boss will be rich in prizes to drop. What are you waiting for? Let's enjoy the charm of exploring the wild.:
clash of leagues
Posted - 4 months 6 Ds ago
CoL's multiplayer RTS gameplay makes the game more challenging. Upgrade your own castle, recruit extraordinary heroes and build a powerful army to crush your enemies! Plunge into chaotic war of Clash of Leagues as a Lord, teaming up with allied forces from all over the globe, to defend the League you serve while crushing the other ones. It's said that the core of winning this war is to occupy the Dark Throne. Just remember that!:
clash of leagues
Posted - 4 months 1 W ago
Tired of the traditional boring SLGs? Try this one, the most exciting Clash of Leagues will be released soon!:
clash of leagues

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