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Royal Story Deutsch: Unofficial Portal To Collect, Share and Exchange Non-Friends Bonus

  1. For help please use Facebook comment at bottom.
  2. If you are unable to claim gift links, refresh page and always try latest, less clicked posts.
  3. Note: Item names are a bit mess, Hover items to get details of each link.
M: Herzbeschleuniger, , M: ,
M: Herzbeschleuniger
2 Ws 3 Ds ago
M: Babyflasche, , M: ,
M: Babyflasche
2 Ws 3 Ds ago
M: Ei, , M: ,
M: Ei
2 Ws 3 Ds ago
M: Milch, , M: ,
M: Milch
2 Ws 3 Ds ago
M: nashorn pool, , M: ,
M: nashorn pool
2 Ws 3 Ds ago
M: Kratzbaum, , M: ,
M: Kratzbaum
2 months 2 Ds ago
M: Pfeiler, , M: ,
M: Pfeiler
3 months 7 Hs ago
M: Blumen Girlande, , M: ,
M: Blumen Girlande
4 months 4 Ds ago
M: Babyflasche, , M: M: Babyflasche,
M: Babyflasche
7 months 2 Ds ago
M: Erdbeere Laterne, , M: M: Erdbeere Laterne,
M: Erdbeere Laterne
7 months 4 Ds ago
M: Erdbeer Laterne, , M: M: Erdbeer Laterne,
M: Erdbeer Laterne
7 months 5 Ds ago

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Important Tips To Help You, Claim And Share Royal Story Deutsch Gifts

  1. Use any browser's Addon or manual option to submit Item. You will also earn Keys per submits. Visit HERE to submit your items.
  2. "M" means manual submitted items (items submitted without browser Addon manually.)
  3. You can claim Royal Story Deutsch item links by just clicking on it or by using checkbox and collect button.
  4. All items shows the actual time when they actually generated, latest items has more chances to claim bonus.
  5. You cannot claim bonus from same link more than once. You may find some links not working. This doesn't mean that all links are not working.
  6. To filter all Royal Story Deutsch items by clicks and names visit Filter page.
  7. All above Links are shared by other users probably not your friends. Each item can be claimed for once.
  8. Each material shared by you will be claimed by everyone and in return it gives you the same number of that item by each user. For example: (your 1 submitted item) + (has got 5 clicks by others) = (You will get 5 same material into your Royal Story Deutsch game) Remember your sharing will increase your chances to get more of same Royal Story Deutsch item.
  9. Note: Above theory works for some items or few games you can try it may work for you.

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