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Posted - 4 years 8 months ago
Dragon Raiders v1.1 is out and it's got a whooooole lot of new stuff, including TWENTY NEW LEVELS and a new boss (along with a huge host of other fixes and improvements). Link
dragon academy
Posted - 4 years 9 months ago
The newest chapter in the Dragon Academy universe, Dragon Raiders, is now available for iOS! Check it out now: Link
dragon academy
Posted - 4 years 11 months ago
Dragon Academy v4.0 The Path of the Elders is... NOW OUT! - New Main Campaign Maps The Salamander Sandcastle and Rockin' Sands provide 24 new levels along the Road to the Academy campaign we all know and love. - New Episode "Path of the Elder Dragon" will take you through an ancient Greece-inspired journey to the mount olympus of Dragon Academy: the perch of the Elder Dragon. An entirely new game board accompanies 48 of the most mind-bending puzzles in Dragon Academy hi...story. - New Mechanics The Magic Vines and Magic Creep are going to change the way you think about solving puzzles. - New Dragon Bloo the Dragon may just about be the most adorable thing we've ever created. iTunes: Link Google Play: Link Amazon: Link Facebook: Link
dragon academy
Posted - 5 years 1 W ago
We like to brainstorm a variety of possible dragons whenever we're coming up with new dragons for Link . This is one such concept. This dragon's name is Chronos the Time Dragon. Chronos isn't currently planned to be in any specific future update, but you never know... We'll unveil images of the brand new dragon included in "Path of the Elder Dragon" soon. But not today! Tee-hee.
dragon academy
Posted - 5 years 1 month ago
DRAGON ACADEMY v3.2 Everyone, we've had so much going on that we completely neglected to post about the amazing update that we released for Link the other day! Version 3.2 of Dragon Academy has two new maps consisting of 24 new levels for your game-playing pleasure: - Enchanted Falls: A serene trek through a beautiful waterfall-full landscape FILLED WITH TREMENDOUSLY DIFFICULT PUZZLES.... - Trippy Caves: Something is watching you. It's watching you very, very carefully. It's also judging your puzzle-solving skills. Enjoy the new update!
dragon academy
Posted - 5 years 2 months ago
Link v3.1 is Out on iOS, Google Play, and Facebook! This release contains two new maps, each with twelve challenging new levels: - Shady Shrooms Journey through a forest composed solely of... mushrooms? That's not natural. Something weird is afoot. Nope, just stepped on another mushroom. This one was turquoise. - Fungal Jungle Someone sure put a lot of craftwork into this path. If only the dragons could be listening to Eye of the Tiger on this map they'd l...ove it. And we've got even more levels coming soon.
dragon academy

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