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Posted - 2 Ws 1 D ago
Hello heroes! We would like to know more about you in order to make our game better. If you want to help us, fill this questionnaire about Legend of Junior. After you finish it you will receive a gift code! Click this link to get gift code: Link
legend of junior
Posted - 1 month 3 Ws ago
Christmas event number 2! Defeat the Christmas Boss! Open the following link and join this special event! Its unlike anything you have seen before. You will need to defeat the Boss together to protect the peace in Jianghu! [The event link] Link ... [Event guide] Click on the FIGHT button to move the Army with points! Four sets of rewards will be sent to all servers after defeating all four Bosses. There are 100000 points in total to reach the Christmas Boss and win! How to get points: Click on the FIGHT button to obtain 10 points, points will make the Army move forward. A player can get 10 points by clicking the FIGHT button every day. Share this on Facebook for the first time to obtain 20 extra points.
legend of junior
Posted - 1 month 4 Ws ago
Congratulations, S7.DEJAVU !! They reached Top 1 with seven successful feedback reports about the game! You will receive the first prize for accumulative contributions. Thanks a lot for being so awesome! Want to know more about this player? Click on the link to see more! Link
legend of junior
Posted - 2 months 1 W ago
December will mark your first Christmas with Legend of Junior! Thank you all again for your support. We want to send a small Christmas gift for all the players as a thank- you. Follow the rules to obtain a special Christmas pack! Rules: 1. Click on GIFT CODE on the column on the left (in the official website) or at the top of the game (in Facebook) and enter your e-mail address. 2. Verification Code will be sent to your e-mail and it will be valid for 30 min...utes. 3. Open this page and use the Verification Code before it expires. 4. After confirming the Verification Code, the Christmas Pack Gift Code will be sent to your e-mail address. Claim it in Gift Hall - Redeem. If you have trouble find the entry for redeeming code, click the guide: Link 5. Contact Customer Service if you want to change the e-mail address.
legend of junior
Posted - 2 months 2 Ws ago
Contribution Ranking Week 6 Player DEJAVU defends his champion! More new players are coming to make our game a better one! Congratulations! Brand-new Contribution Ranking Page is online! Take a look at the picture. Link is here : Link If you think the page is fantastic, LIKE this post to let us know!
legend of junior
Posted - 3 months 2 Ws ago
Goodbye, October. You were the nicest, but now its time to start a new month with November! Let's continue our adventures in Legend of Junior! For more guides, please do remember look up: Link
legend of junior

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