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Posted - 1 month 5 Ds ago
SUDOKU Do the sudoku and find out which objects are hidden behind the question marks. Dont forget to give us a like when you complete the task.:
Posted - 2 months 3 Ws ago
VILLA BY THE SEA Can I say no to an invitation to take a vacation by the sea?How not to lose your head in the center of a family argument, solve the mystery of the lost possession, and reconcile quarrelling relatives? You will find the answers to these and other questions if you go on a new adventure with Vicky and her friends. New event is already in the game!... Villa by the Sea is available after level 35 on the main map. 400 exciting levels! Share your feeling and give feedback on the new adventure in the comments below.
Posted - 3 months 4 Ds ago
They say that a shared adventure is a better adventure. Dont let your friends be bored. Tell them where to find exciting adventures: Link Share the joy of new adventures with your best friends!
Posted - 3 months 2 Ws ago
PLAY AND TRAVEL IN VEGA MIX Beat match-3 levels and travel the world.The whole world is in the game! Look: Link ... How many countries are on the Vega Mix map? What country are you exploring now and what is the country-specific blocker piece? Leave your answers as a comment below.
Posted - 3 months 2 Ws ago
HELPFUL TIPS: 5 WAYS TO SOLVE PROBLEM WITH LOADING Our support team answers hundreds of questions every day. The most common of them is What can I do if the game isnt loading? Today we want to give you a few simple tips which can quickly solve this problem if you come across it: Refresh the page with the game using the key combination Ctrl + F5 ... Clear your browsers cache. This is the most common solution to a problem if something freezes or something does not open. Try updating Flash Player Try opening the game with another brower, for example Google Chrome. Update your browser to the latest version Load the game and play Vega Mix Link
Posted - 6 months 2 Ws ago
A NEW YEAR PRESENT Our team of developers have prepared a surprise for you! Visit the game and collect the New Year gift: Link You can claim the gift from the 1st to the 3rd of January inclusive....
Posted - 6 months 3 Ws ago
WINTER GREENHOUSE Beautifully adorned with ice, this bright greenhouse befits the Snow Queen herself! The flowers in it aren't cold at all, though. See for yourself! Link The Winter Greenhouse theme will become available after the full upgrade of the Basic Set (except VIP upgrades). New pots will be available on December 25-26.
Posted - 6 months 4 Ws ago
SNOW VILLAGE Christmas is in danger! What happened to the Village of Dwarves? Why couldn't they send presents to Santa? Do you want to find out?... VIsit the game right now - new Christmas adventures await you in Vega Mix: Link Share this news with your friends and leave your comments on the new update below. We wish you luck and a great holiday mood!
Posted - 7 months 2 Ws ago
TIME IS RUNNING OUT Dear friends, have you noticed the countdown on the Country Life icon? It means that you have to hurry to complete all the tasks in your graden.The time is running out - only 12 days are left. But don't be sad!... Very soon we are launching a magical winter adventure! The most exciting things await us there! Stay with us and play Vega Mix: Link

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