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Posted - 2 years 9 months ago
Well, this day has come... .(). is being closed down. Full details can be found here Link . Now, the usual thing to do in this situation is to shift blame onto the developers, and without sounding too cliche', I'm afraid that is exactly what I am going to do. The thing is Dragon Atlas is a great game and had a lot of potential but because of a bad relationship between us and the developers. (idk what happen, but when I ...first started working on DA and tried to get some events happening, I was informed that the devs didn't want to do anything with it and that they wouldn't listen to us because of some bad blood.) it was basically abandoned. Anyways, the devs didn't want to do any new events or even open the old events and thus DA was just left there to rot. I will be sad to see DA go and hope that everyone had fun playing it. Hopefully, I will see you all again in one of other great games~ /Peace out ya'll
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